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Foh Shan 富山点心 @ Ipoh

My last semester is almost come to the end and four more teaching weeks to go. But the problem is tests, assignments due date and presentation are all packed in the same week omg I am under stress for one month. I get stressed easily and so I released it frequently.
Being tortured by project for 3 days and I date my friend go Ipoh.  They want to try out Foh Shan Dim Sum 富山点心 and so we are. I went there once during public holiday and we went after 8am. It was so packed! People everywhere and we standing besides people's table and staring them lol So, learned from experience last time.  We depart from Kampar at 7am lol and reached there around 7:45am  Timing ngam-ngam-hor, we manage to get ourself a table easily.
The logo on plate with chili. I got no idea why I snap this.
Checked-in! Ipoh bo-jio trip version 2 haha
My chee cheong fun with prawn inside and char-kuey-gak. 
I got no idea what is the food the other one. Friend said, it was go ginger. I hate ginger.

Double snap.

The colorful dim su…


今天来分享我是怎样花掉我的250块book voucher的 哈哈 之前在KL training的时候 如果lunch time还有很多时间 我都会到公司附近的The Borders闲逛翻翻杂志书刊 我比较喜欢华语书籍 一部分是因为英文程度不是很好 一部分是因为我喜欢华语字 华语字很漂亮 
上个星期百忙之中 还是抽了时间去怡保Popular尽情花掉我的book voucher *很多人不知道每一间连锁书店他们对于book voucher有自己的terms and condition
进到Popular很恍悟 很多书不知从何买起  第一本拿的就是这本《世界一级棒的100道点心》 其实没有想买任何烹饪书给妈妈的 因为家里有在订Y3K 而且有些过程太复杂我妈应该不会想弄
这本的封面很吸引 不是么 史上最简单 好吃又好作材料都是一些比较随手可得 里面的糕点饼干的照面看了真的会让人垂涎欲滴的那种
第二本 蔡康永的《爱情短信-未知的恋人》

喜欢她一系列的言情小说 我知道言情小说不好啦

还是张小娴 《永不永不说再见》

他的书也是蛮好看的 是那种会让你豁然开通脑力某一条神经的那种

还是张小娴哦 证明我有多喜欢她 《最幸福的一种坏》
我知道言情小说不好啦 哈哈

《相机女孩 最爱拍的美食。杂物。花》
可以学习如何拍出更好的照片 哈哈
里面有教如何取光 如何拍摄 如何抓角度(不是自拍抓角度哦)还有很多

高木直子 《一个人漂泊的日子》 
日本漫画家的故事 然后华语翻译 满不错看的 之前也有买一本 这是第二本

赵干干 《致 我们单纯的小美好》
因为封面很美才买的 我很敷衍 

橘子 《爱无能》
还是我爱的言情小说 哈哈

我是看封面买书的人 哈哈
很可惜 我没有看到女王的书 伤心
这是我最后一次拿book voucher 因为我要毕业啦 哈哈

Jose Deli Eatery @ Ipoh

Finally I managed to update my blog after a week. Anyway, stop thinking about my hectic life haha 
I always wish to have some food hunting with friends and family. It doesn't must be some expensive meals eg. steak or maybe abalone. As long as the food and service is good, I will definitely go! haha I can go mamak stall too, cos I love roti canai and nasi lemak. 
Last Saturday, I pay a visit to Jose & Deli - Josephine Cafe & Bistro@ Ipoh.  I am so attracted with their interior design and  the cozy ambiance with some wooden decoration and plant. I just loving that. 
Fyi, it is a latest venture of one all-day eatery and delicatessen in Ipoh that opens from 7.30am to 11pm. It is situated on the first floor of French Hotel.
Here are some shots of the interior aesthetics.
There is a mini grocery with syrup, cushion cover, cookies, candle, plates etc.
Anyway, the price not cheap haha

A fragrant space with vanilla candles and mini-cacti and dining ware.
Lets proceed with foods and some b…