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Frisson Coffee Bar @ Damansara Uptown

I been heard of Frisson Coffee Bar for quite sometime. Closed friends dropby before and gave them lots of compliments for their brunch and cakes. It makes me even more anticipate for their meals and everything. Everytime passby their front door, I saw lots of people having their meals. Ok thats must be some attractions for them.

A random weekend outing which I craved for desserts (not really desserts only but everything because that was my last weekend before I go for braces. yayyy braces life started since two months ago and long way to go). 
Before that desserts, we need some proper meals so we are in.

Waitress pass us menu board politely and gave us recommendations.  Frisson serves typical cafe food and coffee like big breakfast, spaghetti, croissant, pizza and salads. 
Cafe latte and fresh orange juice. 
Classic Frisson's Salad
Combination of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, corn and egg slices taste just right with dressing.
One of the way to replenish what your bo…

Juice D’ Fruitz @ Setiawalk, Puchong

I'm always craving for fresh fruit juice on morning. I try hard to get rid of milo and milk :( And recently there is a trend for cold pressed juice which advocate healthy detox lifestyle.  Why cold pressed? Cold-pressed is a method of juicing, by gentle crashing on fruits and vegetables cell walls to extract juices so it doesn’t create heat and destroy the enzymes and nutrients of the fruits. It seems to be a better method compared to blender, what we normally use to extract juices from fruits. Juice D' Fruitz The pioneer of cold pressed juices.
You may go for single or multiple combination of fruit juices according to your requirement (eg. power booster, detoxification, vitamin c and etc)
Having juices on this hot and hazy weather. Sinfulness x 100
Red Jewel - pomegranate, red apple and lemon
Power up - wheatgrass, spinach, parsley and apple

Big breakfast. Sausages, omelette with fish fillet, baked beans and salad. Fish fillet taste nice with juicy omelette.
Nutella banana toast.

Take Eat Easy @ Bandar Menjalara

前阵子 赶在带上牙套之前努力的到处吃喝 (现在选餐都会三思 考虑到清洗牙套的问题)
刚好看见大家疯狂的share新开Take Eat Easy的帖子
点开来看 原来他们有在卖很可爱的东西 我就誓言我要去 我不理
我们一票朋友星期五放工后过去 TGIF的关系所以一路上有点塞车
他们位于Tesco Bandar Menjalara的对面而已 不难找
我们抵达就已经接近晚上八点了 推开大门 就看见人龙 可见脸书的威力 

特地从Puchong赶过来 我们也只能乖乖排队啊 期间到处看看
Take Eat Easy是餐厅+面包店的融合体 你可以过来用餐也可以过来买点面包蛋糕回家享用

菜单好漂亮 是牛仔布质的耶 翻开略看 从简单的早午餐 披萨 到简单的沙拉 他们都有

Mighty Breakfast / RM26.80 一大盘料理中有 牛角包 面包 起司香肠 青菜沙拉 煎蛋 培根 火腿片 茄汁豆 炒草菇 一个人点这盘可能有点勉强 建议女生可以点来两个人share  牛角包很好吃 脆脆而且很有奶油香 
Truffle Oil Mushroom and Scrambled Egg with Egg / RM13.80
看见就有点失望了 用料跟上面的Mighty Breakfast几乎一样
就scrambled egg下面隐藏着白面包 结果白面包也不好吃

再来就是大家冲着来的主要原因 灯泡果汁
如果你想说 啊 不就是普通果汁吗 那你就错了 喝完果汁 灯泡型的玻璃容器就可以带回家咯
我觉得女生都觉得很棒吧 (还是只有我这样觉得啊)
左上: Red Sensation 右上: Energizer 左下: Aloha Vacation 右下: Fat Killer 大合照  拍完  开吃
吃完还加点 我们到面包区挑了点吃的 可以一边聊天 一边吃 芝麻蛋糕 火腿鸡蛋面包 韩国面包 总结: 他们家蛋糕 比较好吃 :/ (真心话)
Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery Cafe @ Bandar Menjalara
Bakery. Cafe.
Address: Ground Floor-2, Wisma Fiamma, No.20, Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6263 3623 / 03-6262 3…

Doi Chaang @ Jaya One

是某个周末早上太早起床 自己驾车出门找早餐吃的故事 因为之后有约人在PJ区 想说就过去PJ先 再看看有什么吃的 然后自己又厌倦了汤面 就转进Jaya One先 可能时间有点早 开门营业的店铺不多 还是乖乖回到Doi Chaang 
原本以为Doi Chaang不会有太多早餐的选择 之前看到都只有橄榄面包 各式蛋糕
没想到这次多了三文治的选择 点了冰咖啡 配三文治
点了香肠鸡蛋三文治  切面就好吸引人 可惜面包有点硬 *MSANDWICH脸书
Jaya One人潮真的不多 是我喜欢的点
吃完在那边默默看完半本书 再离开

Doi Chaang Coffee Malaysia
Coffee Shop
Address: Lot 100-G.031, Ground Floor, The School, Jaya One, No.72A, Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone:+60 12-688 1344