Sunday date

Urgh, time flies. I started to miss that girl. Last Saturday night, we still chit chat mean while lay on her bed. I feel tired but I endure, cant miss out any interesting topic. Haha, this is what we called "Bat-po" 
We have fun in Saturday too, try out Japanese ramen for lunch and Korean kimchi-jigae for dinner. So full for meal that day. I feel so bloated after that :(

Woke up very early. The view from her study table. Haha

Sunday date.
Dimsum for breakfast @ SS2. Nom nom and then we off to Mid Valley for movie-Ted
Ewwww..Ted changed. He is so dirty and manner-less. This movie spoilt the image of teddy bear. Noooooo..

A must for me to have Snowflake. Not-so-hardcore-snowflake-fan here, but I love it. I love their very chewy, very qq taroballs. My first try on Snowflake was 3 years ago with coursemate at Subang branch. Started from that time, I must choose the one serve with taroball.
Others taiwanese same kind of dessert shop cannot defeat them. Snowflake rockkkk!!

I love taroballs!!
Auto-focus failed!!
Hot Red bean soup served with many chewy taroballs. Omg, tak boleh tahan. Red bean good for girls ;')
My girl with her hot tao-hua with groundnut (????) I forget what she had that day.
It is glad to know you. xoxo

Another date plan on hand. 
Time to sleep.


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