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When yoghurt meets strawberries

Strawberries with yoghurt, my recent favourite because I been fonggong quite late which around 7pm. I always craving to have proper dinner at the right time. I used to be sleep early because I have to wake up early for work. So, I have to prepare myself some light dinner eg. small proportion of pasta with mushroom soup, salad, brocolli dipped mushroom soup..
And that day, I prepare this yummy and not too heavy meals (it shouldn't be meal I think)
Strawberries with Yoghurt  Ingredients Strawberries, plain low-fat yoghurt, corn-flakes or coco-crunch.
Steps: Rinse strawberries by gently tossing them and cut them into your favourite sizes. Combine with yoghurt, corn-flakes and coco-crunch. Mix well. Thats all. 

Normally, I would place them into fridge for around 10 minutes. And next, enjoy and relax from the heat.  Sinful overwhelmed. 

Armenian House @ Armenian Street, Georgetown

Back to this death blog after so long. I feel so sorry about this due to my laziness and of course my daily routine. 
A flashback to my holiday on May 2014, I went to Penang for 3 day 2 night.  That's was a trip mainly for sleep, eat, sleep and eat again.  Nothing other special for example shopping but we did watch Bad Neighbour at First Avenue. 
Okay today want to share with you guys, Armenian Housewhich situated at ever popular heritage street, Lebuh Armenian.  *Fyi, you will definitely passby this cafe during your mural hunting nearby. 
The exterior look for Armenian House, an old shophouse in the heart of Georgetown.
The menu for Armenian House.  They serve variety of drinks from coffee to smoothies and of course light all-day breakfast.  Me and my friend actually went Armenian House after our quite heavy breakfast nearby. 
Wifi password in case you need this. 

Open-air concept that makes me feel fresh and awake in the morning.

Panaroma scene for Armenian House

Owner placed a lot of green …

Teochew Chendul @ Lebuh Keng Kwee, Penang

Teochew Chendul - the famous cendol stall in Penang that you must cannot missed out.
The bustling spot compared to the other stall. Especially weekends and public holiday, throngs of tourists can be seen crowding around. 
As the photo below shown, you have to queue up for your favourite chendol but no worries, they are very efficient. You may enjoy you cendol while standing under the hot sun.
Anyway, I prefer to have it by sitting in their proper shop.  Just order your cendol at stalls and their staff will deliver for you.  Four cendol for four girls.
This signature cendol is the combination of shaved ice mixed with coconut milk, gula melaka, red beans and cendol (the green colour noodles).   The coconut milk concoction contains just the right amount of gula melaka, which makes the broth so aromatic and addictive. I personally dislike to have cendol with red beans but this was nice.  The red beans are starchy and slightly soft and contribute its own sweetness when you chewing with others.