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The White Fly Caffe @ Setia Walk, Puchong

That was a impromptu tea-session with friend. I had warm talking with her. 
Our tea-session at The White Fly Caffe.  Back to caffeine and cakes after some time. 
They offer free drinks (optional) with a purchase of cakes. We got us a blueberry cheesecake with a free hot latte and extra ordered another iced latte. 
Feeding my phone before having feed my stomach.
A considerably less sweet blueberry cheesecake.  Me like this. 
Iced latte
Quite big in portion. 
Definitely worth for every ringgit you pay for. 

My hot latte with an unknown coffee art on top haha 
Btw the taste was too plain for me. 

This is definitely a pleasant cafe with sufficient lighting and spacious to chill and work. 
Fly into White Fly, while you are at Setia Walk. 

The White Fly Caffe
Address: B-6G, Block B, Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160 Puchong
Facebook: The White Fly Caffe
Operating hour: Mon - Sun: 11.00 am - 11.00 pm // Wed: Off

My Elephant Thai Restaurant @ Aman Suria, PJ

I been having too much outing with friends this month. I feel so broke yet happy because I can spend some quality time with them.  I miss them. I miss our time spending at campus and classes even after school.
I actually a thai-cuisine-lover.  I like tomyum-kong. I like mango-sticky rice.  I like green curry and rice.  I like their coconut ice cream for sure..
My ex-roomate came to KL all the way from Ipoh for two days.  My mission was just bring her try something good or special in KL.  I know she actually can eat spicy food. Oh yay, found kaki for thai cuisine.  (photo from foursquare)
Tagged along my hometown friend and ex-roomate to My Elephant Thai Restaurant on saturday night. 
The location of this branch is quite out-of-the way. It's located behind of Paradigm Mall. I been there once on Friday night. It's not pack and noisy as other restaurant (especially those in shopping centre). (photo from foursquare)
Yum Plah Dook Foo Green mango topped with crispy fish - RM12 This is a must order …

30 Facts About Me

I've been tagged for 30 facts about me.  Here you go..30 facts for a tam-jiak girl :)

1. Typical cancerian; Family is my priority and prefer to stay at home on weekends with them for nothing.  2. Cafe maniac; I love exploring cafe with cozy atmosphere and of course caffeine and coffee art.  3. I used to be quiet in front of stranger; kinda of anti-social type. 4. When I don't smile, I looked serious. 5. I want to become architect or interior design since primary school; but end up I become a quantity surveyor.  6. Surprisingly..I like bakery, sewing and some handcraft thingy. 7. Prefer to shop alone and I don't know why.  8. I like Ikea more than H&M and Topshop. 9. I don't really eat beef but Ikea's meatball. 10. I can't really drink alcohol. It taste bad for me.  11. Quite stubborn.  12. Love travelling.  13. I LOVE FOOD AND DESSERTS. 14. That's why I make this blog from personal blog to food blog. 15. Acts like a man; seldom selfie. 16. Drive in proper way and keep m…


好不容易挨到连四天假的八月初  也是我最期待的第九届海外华文书市 前几年都希望能够去看看 但是因为上课的关系就作罢
星期天早上 自己一个人搭公交到KLCC 赶在10点前抵达 我本人有些许人群恐惧(不是怕人 是怕人群 拥挤的人群)  没有人群的书市 好逛到爆  拖着推车到处走 我在那里就看完了一本弯弯 一本深夜食堂 一本早餐食谱减肥食谱 
不要脸的拍了这张 传给朋友 这很好看哦
来一张旅客一定要拍的照片 双峰塔

我的收获 全部不超过马币130 超级值得 
最开心 就是赶在【等一个人 咖啡】还没有上时 就买了这本还看完一遍 
电影跟书里的故事不太相似 但是都很动人
【我的第一本图解 九型人格】是想好好了解工作场所大家的属性 
胶带是我要准备装饰手帐 袋子是方便自己不想带大包包出门时候可以用上

之后还去见了朋友 她给我带来台湾手信 

这个不怎么好吃 但还是谢谢哦

Walking at Nu Sentral Mall, Brickfields

Send off my friend at KL Sentral and I have a walk at Nu Sentral, Brickfields.  It's looked like the mixture of Paradigm Mall and The Gardens for me. My ex-project was something like this also. The shape of the building is in leaf shaped, the very irregular shape. 
So now, there is a new hangout place for those waiting for KTM or ETS at KL Sentral.  And it's links between monorail and KL Sentral. No need to pass through the busy road in Brickfields anymore. Woot.
Not much people over here even thou today is replacement holiday for Malaysia's national day.  Happy Merdeka!
Almost all the major brands had their outlet here.
Eg. Puma, Adidas, Uniqlo, H&M, L'occitane, Typo, Sephora, Victoria's Secret, Samsung, Machines, Cotton On, Starbucks, Parkson and etc.

Happy rabbit's family toy set found at Parkson. 

Back to home for some rest after that.

Bought lemon for honey lemon and caramel flavoured milk from Wondermilk+.

Recorded down my life with words and drawings. 

Happy hol…