Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights 故鄉 @ The Gardens Mall

It's been awhile for my Korean food cravings for like few months. YES, foodie craving for everything everyday. 

I'm always had Pasta Zanmai everytime I visit Midvalley or The Gardens. A very typical Pasta Zanmai hardcore fans. But this time, we try to have something different. We walked around The Gardens' LG floor, looking for something nice. 

End up, we had our brunch at Ko Hyang 故鄉, Korean restaurant.  

Chicken Ramyeom // RM13.50
It comes with quite large portion for girls. 
Very flavourful kimchi broth together with ramyeon, chicken slices and vege on top. Ramyeon are chewy, springly and crinkly. 

Refillable banchan is love. 
We got our fresh kimchi, fried anchovies 凤尾鱼 and sausages.

Kimchi Bokem Bab (Kimchi Fried Rice) // RM14.90
I seldom have fried rice outside but I would give kimchi fried rice a chance because I fail in doing this nicely. Couldn't get nice kimchi for fried rice and always make rice become sticky. 
Sunny side up egg is good friend for whatever fried rice. 

Satisfaction level max!

See some people order Gun Man Du (Korean dumpling 餃子) for side dish as well. 
I would come back for manduu next time. 

Ko Hyang Korean Cuisine Delights 故鄉

Address: LG K-05, LG floor, The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ko-Hyang-Korean-Country-Delights/168848646144
Website: http://www.kohyang.com.my/

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