Foh Shan 富山点心 @ Ipoh

My last semester is almost come to the end and four more teaching weeks to go. But the problem is tests, assignments due date and presentation are all packed in the same week omg
I am under stress for one month. I get stressed easily and so I released it frequently.

Being tortured by project for 3 days and I date my friend go Ipoh. 
They want to try out Foh Shan Dim Sum 富山点心 and so we are. I went there once during public holiday and we went after 8am. It was so packed! People everywhere and we standing besides people's table and staring them lol
So, learned from experience last time. 
We depart from Kampar at 7am lol and reached there around 7:45am 
Timing ngam-ngam-hor, we manage to get ourself a table easily.

The logo on plate with chili. I got no idea why I snap this.

Checked-in! Ipoh bo-jio trip version 2 haha

My chee cheong fun with prawn inside and char-kuey-gak. 
I got no idea what is the food the other one. Friend said, it was go ginger. I hate ginger.

Double snap.

The colorful dim sum, har gau and siu mai.

My first try of 双皮奶 The texture so weird. It looked like tau-fu-fah, but it is not tau-fu-fah, no tau-fu-fah taste at all. It taste very ginger and sticky when you try to swallow. But auntie say, this is good for woman's skin!!
I try few bites and left for friends.

I am a happy kid that day haha 

Restoran Foh San Sdn. Bhd.
Address: 51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia
Phone: +60 5-254 0308

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