Bean Cafe @ Kampar, Perak

Last teaching week is passed and classmate keep say he want to pay a visit to newly opened cafe, Bean Cafe in Westlake area. Kampar's weather was so terrible this few days, so we go out to have some air-cond. 

We go there around 4pm, enter the shop and realized it is fulled house. 
Only a table left for us outside, so we sit down and wait for seats inside. 
We quite lucky lar, sit not more than 3 mins and have people wanna left.

The ambience of cafe. Sorry for blur picture, cos I didnt bring dslr along. Personally thinking that, bring a dslr along would be treat like a alien. 

There are quite many option of drinks and beverages (hot and cold). Cappuccino, Mocha, Long Island, Espresso, ice-blended etc. Cake would have limited option such as banana cake and different flavor of sponge cake.

I trying to say no to cold drink, so I go for hot mocha. 
Hmmmm, no coffee art * disappointed
There are too much bubbles on the top, feel disgusting when you consume too much of these. The taste was okay for me, but my friend say their drink are too sweet. 

I skipped my lunch, so I ordered a banana cake. 
The cake served in warm.. 

Boss come and talk with us out of the sudden. 
He ask of our opinion, are their drink and beverages okay anot, nice anot. He know we are preparing for final, he simply joke that, have expresso one night before of your paper haha He say you can withstand more than 12 hours :O

I should have that on 30 April, cos I have another bloody hell paper on the next day. Yay, 1 May is labour day aka public holiday and I still have to take exam paper. Thanks to 13th Malaysia General Election, my examination schedule adjusted. Anyway, I still head back for my responsibility against our future. 
Are you ready for that?

Well, boss add some choco sauce for us. It is too little lar, boss :P


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So basically drink coffee have some advantages as well.

The america flag ipod casing from me to my friend. 
I don't need it anymore because my iPod spoilt.

Shall not update frequently during my examination preparation. 
Planned some road trips for my sembreak with classmate. I cant wait for that!!
Let's have funnnnnnn like no tomorrowwwwwwww :D

Bean Cafe
Address: 2244,, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak, Malaysia
Phone: +60 5-465 8435
Hours: 10am–3am

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