Minion and Banana

I think the trend now is this cute yellow cartoon, minions which appeared in "Despicable Me 2". 
I really like them because they are cute and quite funny. 
Their have their own language. 
Cuteness overwhelmed!! 

Minions Language
English: Hello!
Minions: Bello!

English: Goodbye!
Minion: Poopaye!

English: Thank you!
Minions: Tank yu!

English: I'm hungry!
Minions: Me want banana!

English: Ugly!
Minions: Bananonina!

English: I swear...
Minions: Underwear...

English: Fire!

English: We love you!
Minions: Tulaliloo ti amo!

English: I hate you!
Minions: Tatata bala tu!

English: Toy
Minions: Baboi

English: What
Minions: Po ka

English: Apple
Minions: bable

English: Ice cream
Minions: Gelato

English: Ass
Minions: Butt


English: Two
Minions: Dul

English: Three
Minions: Sae

English: For you
Minions: Para tu (spanish)

English: chair
Minions: chasy

So after Hello Kitty fever in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and recently McDonald Malaysia launched their Happy Meal campaign in conjunction with the hit movie "Despicable Me 2". Every Happy Meal comes with a toy in the shape of famous minions!

Every week with different minions. 
I wish to get Stuart Light Up Grabber only. 
I so bored with Mcdonald's menu. I only eat Mc-chicken, Fillet O' Fish and Spicy McDeluxe :/ but their breakfast is nice. 
I love their breakfast only.

Some of my friend asked me for help, help them to find which branch still have minion toys :/ Unluckily my working place is quite packed, out of stock for the first day each design available. Everyone is crazily queue up for these. 

I saw some photo sharing in Facebook which show there are some very business-minded people buy happy meal as many as they can, so they can get many toys and sell to others. So far, I saw the most reasonable price is RM50/piece :O You can just go rob bank. 

Anyway, I am a lucky girl because I get this from friend haha. Kumowo.

Just a short update for my dead blog. I start my working since my birthday. 
I don't really celebrate this year, just have dinner with friends. Nothing special. 

For my works, I still learn to adapt with the frequency and workloads. 
I have to learn how to finish one task efficiency and effective, how to handle few project on hand and don't get into chaos. 

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