Departure Lounge @ Damansara Uptow

There was a short escape from our busy and tightly working life on Saturday. I picked her up at lrt station and off to Damansara Uptown for Departure Lounge Cafe which serve all-day breakfast and sandwiches. 
I being trapped when I saw the word all-day-breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to kick off your day. 
*Some scientific experiment showed, people would become stupid-ier will didn't have breakfast everyday*

I really like the interior design of the shop. 
It is simple and use soft-tone-colour for the furniture and also decoration. A big glass window at the entrance which allow most of the sunlight to enter. It make the shop become brighter and give a feel of warmth.
Flora-designed sofa nearby the window which is always occupied.

Departure Lounge is served only brunch set and sandwich. There are couple of choices for you to customize your brunch set. Done our order and got our boarding pass haha
Well, I am ready for my flight and meet my Sam Gor and Cool Mo. Side-effect of watching too much hk drama.

I always craving for fresh brewed coffee and so here is my latte.
Can you see the love shape coffee art? 
Hope to learn this one day. Btw, is there are recommendation for coffee shop which serve 3D coffee art?

And my girl cant really consume caffeine, what a healthy girl that ordered hot chocolate.

After couple of time, my choice of brunch set is served, which contains wheat bread, omelette, pancake, sausages, chicken finger, salad, mushroom and ham.

And her choice of brunch set-white bread, stir-fried egg,baked tomato, mushroom, hash-brown, garden salad, beef ham and ham.

This is a self-service concept cafe, which mean you have to order at the counter and get some sauces or maybe cinnamon topping nearby the counter. Everything is there, just get it yourself.

Another few photos for the interior of the shop. The light is dimmed and yet warmth. The transparent plastic chair is so special for me. I found myself so kampung here haha

There is a wall which fulled with photos which showed the different side of country. For example, Eiffel Tower at Paris and other. I unable to get closer with that wall, because there is a table of people when I was there.

Departure Lounge Cafe
Address: 10, Jalan SS21/39,Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Contact No.: 03-7725 1682

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