When yoghurt meets strawberries

Strawberries with yoghurt, my recent favourite because I been fonggong quite late which around 7pm. I always craving to have proper dinner at the right time. I used to be sleep early because I have to wake up early for work. So, I have to prepare myself some light dinner eg. small proportion of pasta with mushroom soup, salad, brocolli dipped mushroom soup..

And that day, I prepare this yummy and not too heavy meals (it shouldn't be meal I think)

Strawberries with Yoghurt 
Strawberries, plain low-fat yoghurt, corn-flakes or coco-crunch.

Rinse strawberries by gently tossing them and cut them into your favourite sizes. Combine with yoghurt, corn-flakes and coco-crunch. Mix well. Thats all. 

Normally, I would place them into fridge for around 10 minutes. And next, enjoy and relax from the heat. 
Sinful overwhelmed.