Desserts You Should Have in Korea

I always hope to go Korea for holiday. Ya, typical k-pop fans. Go Chung dam dong area for our favourite idol. Fyi, big four Korea entertainment company - SM, JYP, Cube and FNC's building area located at Chung dam dong. You may see Super Junior, 2pm, Got7 and etc hangout at cafe or restaurant nearby.
I wish I can make my dream come true in a short time. I will work hard to make it real. 

Other than that, I want to go there for traditional korea cuisine eg. samgyeopsal, bibimbap, jjigae, bossam, japchae and of course desserts. Whenever people on show are eating something on tv, will make me drooling and hungry. They can really eat well and you can see satisfaction level from their expression. 
Okay la just want to share some very hit desserts you must have when you visit Korea.
Thunder bomb ice cream
A swirl pf plain milk soft served ice cream adorned with grey cloud of cotton candy and yellow lightning bolt
*photo from Remicone

Hawaiian Beach ice cream
Blue soda syrup drizzled over milk-soft mimics ocean and toasted coconut grated into fine powder stand in for sand with a small cocktail umbrella 
*photo from Remicone

Honey chip ice cream
*photo from Milkcow

Ice cream bar
*photo from Bardot 

Macaron ice cream
Flavoured ice cream sandwiched between chewy macarons
*photo from Macameron

Ball-like shape pastry made from shortcrust pastry and decorated with confectioner's sugar
or glazed with chocolate and etc
*photo from Schneeballen

Strawberry bingsu
Shaved ice topped with strawberry and condensed milk
*photo from Sulbing: Bingsu paradise

"J" shaped corn cone injected with ice cream
*photo from Jipangyi

Samanco Ice Cream
Goldfish-like wafer filled with creamy vanilla ice cream with a layer of sweet red bean paste
*photo from southkoreanfood

Sweet korean pancake filled with melted brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts
*photo from pinterest

Happy dessert hunting at Korea!

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