Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake @ 1 Utama

A planned lunch gathering with secondary school bff @ One Utama. I would go One Utama because of Franco (Miam Miam in the past).
After lunch at Miam Miam, we had a walk around and my friend spotted this Uncle Tentsu stall aside. She told me, this Uncle Tentsu cheesecake is heavenly nice! 
How could I not to try this out? So we queue up for this for around 20 mins. Fyi, one freshly baked cheesecake take approximately 45 minutes to bake from scratch :)

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake, awesome taste from Japan which prepared and baked fresh daily, premium and imported ingredient is selected on preparing batter, steam baked it to perfection. 

There is a noticeboard that inform every customer entitled to purchase one (1) piece of Uncle Tentsu Signature cheesecake. Ya only ONE for each customer

Looked at their menu and apparently, they have only three option.
Signature cheesecake, cheese zuccotto and cheesestick.

Open kitchen concept; everything happens right in front of you. 

The gem.

RM19.90 for one signature cheesecake. Not to say cheap or expensive, for me I willing to pay more for good food.

The tantalizing aroma, cotton soft and fluffy texture cheesecake. It literally melts in my mouth. This would be something different from the rich and dense American cheesecake (eg. blueberry cheesecake or marble cheesecake). 

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake
Address: LGK-2A, 1 Utama New Wing, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. Near Best Denki.

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