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Mcdonald x Hello Kitty

I just want to say that, I am not a kitty meow fans but girls love some little useless thing such as toys for nothing haha 
Mcdonald Malaysia released a series of Hello Kitty toys with four different design. 
Hamburglar. Grimace. Birdie & Ronald Mcdonald.
Some photo from Mcdonald facebook page regarding the hello kitty and Malaysia local tourist location.

Batu Caves.



KLCC Twin Tower

And so I go to grabbed one kitty meow like others.  I patiently queue up for mcvalue dinner and kitty toys.  As you can see, there are lots of people and we go on 6pm. It is still early for dinner but still lots of people. The power of kitty meow lol

Gotcha the box with toys inside.  "Hello, let out me from the box"
There are some design for the box. Kitty face >.<
Spot my mcvalue dinner at the back haha

 Hamburglar design


"Opps there is another plastics bag wrapped the kitty meow" --------Unwrapped it quickly----------

Some wording behind of the plastics lol Kitty: Rea…

Bean Cafe @ Kampar, Perak

Last teaching week is passed and classmate keep say he want to pay a visit to newly opened cafe, Bean Cafe in Westlake area. Kampar's weather was so terrible this few days, so we go out to have some air-cond. 
We go there around 4pm, enter the shop and realized it is fulled house.  Only a table left for us outside, so we sit down and wait for seats inside.  We quite lucky lar, sit not more than 3 mins and have people wanna left.
The ambience of cafe. Sorry for blur picture, cos I didnt bring dslr along. Personally thinking that, bring a dslr along would be treat like a alien. 
There are quite many option of drinks and beverages (hot and cold). Cappuccino, Mocha, Long Island, Espresso, ice-blended etc. Cake would have limited option such as banana cake and different flavor of sponge cake.
I trying to say no to cold drink, so I go for hot mocha.  Hmmmm, no coffee art * disappointed There are too much bubbles on the top, feel disgusting when you consume too much of these. The taste was okay …

Random hangout at Ipoh

I know I'm like keep going to Ipoh. No choice..hectic life in Kampar everyday by facing lecturer notes and books. I need some good food and relax time for self-pampering. So imbalance cos local U's student having their midterm break. I study in private U and no such midterm break. How nice?  They can have one whole week to finish their assignment and do revision and me have to rush assignment and prepare for midterm at the same time.  Anyway, this kind of life going to end soon because I'm going to graduate soon! #fingercrossed
And now I still not yet sleep, drink too much coffee today.  I just manage to have a 5 hour sleeping time and heading to Ipoh for this yummy dimsum at Ming Court Hong Kong Dimsum.  I know there are still a lot of fans for Foh Shan but I am a big fans for Ming Court. 
Just grabbed everything I want when auntie served us.  #har-gau  #siu-mai  #peanutmochi  #friedpopiah #egg-tart #fishballs
My first try on iced Tau-fah with longan. 
Going to Ipoh Parade after our bre…

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

Recharged after I spend my weekend in hometown. 
Home is the best cos' mother would prepare three meals for you and father will fetch you here and there haha. 

I get myself the most popular mask "Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off" last few days from
Their service are good and reasonable price for products.
Check the website out yo!

Try it out on my face immediately right after unwrapped it #girlsproblem

The simple packaging of product.

The ingredients.

There is a lid after the main lid which can minimize outside air enter the product and create bacteria. A hygienic design. 
Okay, so SKINFOOD since 1957.

Enriched with minerals and vitamins, this face scrub effectively exfoliates dead skin that prevents makeup application, while revitalizing skin. 
It smells something like the mixture of sugar and lemon. 
It smells really nice.

To use:
After washing, apply desired amount onto face, avoiding eye and mouth areas.
Mix with water or toner to reduce skin irritation, and massag…

Material @ Aeon Station 18, Ipoh

It was like finally..I finished my presentation for my final year project.  I was very hectic after I know my panel group. One of them known to be very criticized.  My presentation on wed, and I have to squeeze some time for law paper revision.  Time so precious and I sleep only 5 hour per day. 
Anyway, I went Ipoh last week just to spend my book voucher. Another round of book hunting and now I spent all on book. 
My friend say, you are so awesome cos' you still reading books. We went Aeon Station 18, all time favourite shopping centre in Ipoh. First, is because it is near to Kampar compared to Ipoh Parade and second, it is newly built.
I blogged about Material last time and I still wanna blog about this brand.  Their products are so cute and reasonable price.
Colorful alphabet made from non-woven fabric. RM1.00 per piece. 
You can get it for handmade greeting cards.

Redeemed my iced dolce latte and friend's seriously orange drink.

Just a random update to make sure my blog is not dead hah…